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What type of speakers and sub should I get for my truck?

I have a '2000 Dodge Durango Sports Edition and I'm looking to get speakers and get a Sub that bumps while maintaining clear lyrics, I listen to Rock, Hip-hop, Techno/Dubstep. Can you tell me everything I need for this, What brand and model? I want to be able to hear this from blocks away

Depends on how much $$ u have? If your on a budget and want to sound good, go with Soundstream. First you need a aftermarket deck with a good preout like 3to5 volts and atleast 3 preouts would be helpful. You can't go wrong with a Pioneer Alpine or Kenwood deck. I think you have 4 6.5s in the doors and 2 tweeters that should be stock. So you want to replace them with 2 component sets. Each component set comes with a pair of 6.5s pair of tweeters and 2 crossovers. You will use one set for front one set for rear. So if the component set you buy has speakers that are 100watts each and a tweeter that's let's say 50watts that's 300watts total and u have to times that by 2. So 600 watts in front stage. So u would then need a 4 channel amplifier that runs around 600x4. As for the Boom depends on how hard you want to go and if u want to do it rite. If I were you and not looking for a competition settup I would go with 2 15s or 1 18 but I like a lot of bass. You can go with any size that will fit. Once u figureout what size subs then go to your local shop and have a box made. DO NOT buy a already made box they are junk and sound like junk. You might want to look on your local Craigslist and see if there is any good box builders out there. U want a box made for your subs and truck. Once you figure out your subs you need a amp that will power the RMS watts your subs can handle. So if your sub is 1000rms you need a amp that's 1000 rms. Same with the ohms. You need a amp that can handle the ohms that your subs read. Dual 2 or 4 or single 2 or 4 or 1 make sure your amp can handle the ohm load. You will also need the electrical to carry the proper amprage the your 2 amplifiers . So a multi amp wiring kit and a small back batteries sealed real cycle. You should be good to go. If you need better step by step help try caraudioclassifieds.org or dyma.com make a profile and ask away. Don't be fooled by a local shop Kicker and JL Audio are not the best.... Not even close.. Good luck I hope this helped you a little.

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